TULIPA Grill Bundle 95-94

TULIPA Grill Bundle 95-94

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This bundle includes the TULIPA Firepit 95-94 and the following 12 useful accessories:

1.    1*TULIPA Cooking Plate 90
2.    1*TULIPA Grill 34
3.    1*TULIPA Grill Rack
4.    1*TULIPA Adapter Ring and Food Barrier
5.    1*TULIPA Tray Small
6     1*TULIPA Food Barrier and Bracket Small
7.    1*TULIPA Spatula 10
8.    1*TULIPA Grill Handles (2 grill handles are included in this set)
9.    1*TULIPA Fire Poker
10.  1*TULIPA Fire Platform
11.  1*TULIPA Shelf Stainless Steel Small
12.  16*TULIPA Heat and Wind Shield Outer

Purchasing the above bundle of products will save around 12% of the cost of purchasing each product individually.

Weight: approximately 202kg