TULIPA Storage Seat Straight Backrest
TULIPA Storage Seat Straight Backrest

TULIPA Storage Seat Straight Backrest

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The TULIPA Storage Seat Straight Backrest can be easily screwed to your TULIPA Storage Seat Straight. The wooden panels are made of solid spotted gum, this panels are connected to your Storage Seat Straight by Cortensteel angles. The top of the panels are connected by stainless steel screws.

Spotted gum is a native hardwood and is renowned for its durability, strength and variety of vibrant colours. We believe spotted gum lends a natural and refined finish to your backrest. To further enhance the outdoor lifespan and natural colour palette of this product, it is treated twice with eco friendly Livos wood oil.

Material: 3mm Cortensteel, Stainless steel screws and nuts, 19mm Spotted gum
Weight: approximately 3.5kg                                                                                            

Please note:

The TULIPA Storage Seat Straight is not included in this set.

As spotted gum is a natural material, colour variation is common, and we believe, intrinsic to the beauty of solid wood. Slight curvature of the wood, over time, may occur, due to fluctuating moisture content and weather. The gaps between the wood panels may contract or expand slightly, depending on the level and duration of moisture or sun exposure. This will not affect the usability or appeal of the product.

The initial appearance of the steel is a solid grey/black colour or already somewhat rusty and will rust even more over time when exposed to weather.

Delivery time currently approximately 3 weeks